Outdoor sports in realtime

TrackLog provides realtime tracking of event participants on map.

See participants' location at any given time and compare that to pre-determined paths.

Participants can check their performance after the event and make comparisons to others.

TrackLog provides a high-visibility medium for sponsors both during and after the event.

Welcome to TrackLog - the user-friendly location tracking platform for outdoor event organisers.

We offer high-performance simple-to-use trackers and a web platform that allows both event organisers and spectators follow the progress of everyone on the track. This increases the number of people outdoor sports events can reach and provides a compelling extra benefit for sponsors.

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HML Kaunissaare offroad @ 03.12.2011

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Please contact us for an offer for any outdoor sports or extreme sports event. We're a small startup in our first year so our service fees are very reasonable. We currently operate in Estonia only but might be able to help nearby organisers as well.